The signs of an aging furnace

I was remiss to section with my trusty Heating & A/C unit.

I had kept it well-inspected for 13 years.

Well, I guess you guess what they say about lucky number 13. I started to notice the telltale signs that my HVAC plan was going to be kicking the basket soon. The first thing that tipped myself and others off that my Heating & A/C plan was not doing so well was that the air coming out of the vents while the a/c was on simply was getting slightly warmer. My Heating & A/C plan just did not have the cooling power that it used to have. Furthermore, I noticed an increased frequency of banging & clicking noises whenever the Heating & A/C plan would turn on & off. I absolutely knew that couldn’t be good! There was also a developing, slight smell in the air that was quite musty. This smell was particularly prevalent on easily warm & muggy mornings. Finally, I noticed that my electric bill was steadily increasing even though I was using my a/c the same way I regularly had. I felt that I had babied my Heating & A/C plan as much as possible & I had given it the repair that it required to get the most life out of it. That’s why I was so distraught about the prospect of having to replace it. It just seemed too early to let it go! Oh well, I suppose it will be more affordable to purchase a brand new Heating & A/C plan instead of attempting to constantly repair the outdated one!

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