The price didn't reflect the work needing to be done

My wife and I called a couple of people to give us an estimate for some work that needed to be done in the house.

We wanted to remodel the bathroom and replace the tub and shower.

We wanted to update the flooring, sink, and vanity. I spoke with a couple of contractors and last weekend we had several people in the house to give us an estimate on the work. One of the contractors gave us a ridiculously low estimate. It was nearly half the cost of the other estimates. My wife and I did not believe the price reflected all of the work that needed to be done. We carefully reviewed the invoice and we didn’t find a line for the radiant heated flooring that we wanted installed in the bathroom. I asked the contractor if the estimate included the ductless Heating. The reason why the invoice was so inexpensive was due to the fact that the contractor completely forgot about the ductless radiant heated flooring. Once he added that amount to the estimate, the price was much closer to the other three estimates that we received on the job. We decided to choose the contractor with the best online reviews. The contractor wasn’t the cheapest option, but he definitely had the best ideas to put our plan into action. Next weekend we plan to have all of the work completed. We’re going to stay in a hotel on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so the contractors can do everything they need without any interruptions from our family.

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