The phone number to the HVAC company was not in service.

I did not know why, but last week I called the HVAC company and the phone number was out of service. I tried once an hour for the next six hours, but I got the same message every time. I went online to see if I had written the wrong number down, but I hadn’t. There had to be a problem with the phones. When my husband got home, he asked if I had called the HVAC company, and I told him what happened. He said I had to have called the wrong number. I told him that if he didn’t believe I was capable of calling the HVAC company, then he could call them himself. When he finally got a ringing phone, he got the same message about the phone number being out of service. The next day, he said he would stop by the HVAC company on his way home from work. I tried the phone number again throughout the day, but the phone stopped ringing. When my husband got home, he said I would not believe what happened. The HVAC company burnt down because of a faulty furnace. The furnace blew up and took out everything. It was a good thing no one was inside, or it would have killed them. We had to find another HVAC company in our area who could come out and look at our furnace. That wasn’t easy, considering we lived in the middle of nowhere. Only one HVAC company serviced our area, without us paying for mileage. We had to bite the bullet and have another HVAC company come to our house.
a/c workman