The pain has become severe in my knees

I have to change my lifestyle some, now that I got my knee MRI results showing me that the cartilage is ruined in each one. They said that there is still some left but that it is mostly all gone. I am still going to try to take some supplements over the next few months to see if it supplies any relief. If that doesn’t toil then the next step is going to be gel injections in each knee to see if it kills the pain. I realize that playing an activity for 40 years will do that. Heating and A/C equipment repair is still going to have to be handled at my job if I want to keep my income streaming in. So I have to stop playing or I risk not being able to keep my job, or walk for that matter. I have to occasionally carry geothermal equipment up a flight of stairs, or be on my knees for hours at a time cleaning and sealing ducts in a commercial Heating and A/C system. I know the supplements, along with not enjoying beach volleyball anymore, are going to be the recipe to get my knees to the point where they don’t hurt so much. I will keep laboring for the heating and cooling equipment dealership doing the heating and cooling repairs, but as far as playing the activity I have enjoyed all this time, I know it is now going to turn into a fading memory. This comes as honestly upsetting news to me, but I will end up finding a way to accept it and transport on.


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