The money went to installing a whole-home air purification system

Work has been great, and I must admit I made the best decision relocating.

I was born and raised in the north, and that’s where I thought I’d live forever.

A friend of mine also thought the same, but she relocated after landing an amazing job. Now, she lives on the east coast and is thriving. When I saw how change was helping her make advances in her life, I started to think about also making a change. As I thought about potential places I could call home, they all seemed to be far away from the freezing winters. One application was a success, and I got a job that helped me move to the south. The weather here is amazing, and I don’t mind the heat at all. After two years on the job, I began hunting for a home instead of paying rent for an apartment. My home is now in a lovely community, and I’ve made lots of upgrades to it including the cooling system. I was fortunate to find a house with everything I needed. But, the cooling system was old, so that had to go. I found a local HVAC company that did an excellent job replacing the aging cooling system in my home. I also spoke with the HVAC contractor about air quality in the house since it can be quite hot and humid. His advice was I should look into a whole-home air purification system. I did some research, and started to save for the system. Just when I was almost hitting my target, I got a bonus from work and the money went into installing a whole-home air purification system in my home.
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