The mobile lavatorys need to be cleaned badly

I go to the beach every day to watch the sunrise; After the sunshine comes up, sometimes I will take a run.

Sometimes I head back to the lake house & walk the cat! The last few weeks, the weather has been absolutely amazing; I’ve been going down to the water to surf for a couple of hours before I beginning my day of work.

I work from home, so I can make my own schedule & set my own hours. I can beginning my day at 9:00 or I can beginning my day at noon. I must have eaten something bad a few mornings ago, because my stomach was particularly frustrated when I was at the beach the next day. I went to the mobile restrooms to use the lavatory. I opened the first door of a mobile restroom & the odor was overwhelming. There was absolutely no way that I was going inside of that building. I moved over to the next portable restroom & it odored a little bit better. It was covered with toilet paper & there was urine all over the arena. All of the mobile restrooms by the beach were a mess. I had to use the lavatory, so I picked the 1 that was the least disgusting. I felt enjoy I needed a shower when I got out of the lavatory. A lot of homeless people use the restrooms by the beach. There are some portable showers at the other end of the beach too & the homeless people use them as well. The mobile lavatorys & showers particularly need to be cleaned more frequently.

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