The last afternoon of the month is consistently the longest

The last afternoon of the month is consistently the longest afternoon for me.

The last afternoon of the month for myself and others is on Wednesday, then on Wednesday, it seems like everyone has trouble with the heating system or cooling system! Last Wednesday I was hoping to get new home early, however the afternoon got longer and longer.

I had an early-morning ductless Heating and Air Conditioning installation job. The installation job took several hours and I finished up shortly after dinner. I had an Heating and Air Conditioning tune up that afternoon as well as a service call. The Heating and Air Conditioning tune-up took a lot longer than I anticipated, due to a problem with the evaporator coils. I did not expect to spend several several hours making repairs to the Heating and Air Conditioning system in that home. The customer did not expect that problem either. She was exasperated when he found out that the air conditioner needed several hundreds of dollars of repairs. Thankfully, the last job of the afternoon turned out to be relatively easy. It wasn’t an A/C repair, however the problem turned out to be a lack of refrigeration liquid. Once I filled the refrigeration liquid, the A/C device started acting just like it should. When I finally got new home at the end of the afternoon, I was happy to see that my husbandy made my number one meal. The two of us had saUnited Statesge and hamburger meatloaf with mashed potatoes, gravy, steamed carrots, and pumpkin pie. After a long week, it was nice to come new home to a delicious dinner. It was a superb way to start our weekend of spending time together.