The kids won't be able to use the pool afterschool

I’ve been talking to the school board members about the proposal changes.

People at the fitness center have been complaining about kids using the pool after school. I honestly didn’t think the rules would ever change. I didn’t think there was a way to man all of the children from using the pool. After last night’s meeting, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what is going to happen. I attended a meeting at the fitness center. Everyone with a membership was invited to attend the meeting. After hours, they were discussing closing down the pool to children. The pool has always been open to children, and I was really surprised by all of the comments. Most people agreed that the kids should not be able to use the pool. I tried to interject with some reasoning. After all, if the kids don’t have this place to go after school, where will they go? That is always something that has worried me. I hate to see the kids end up on the streets because there aren’t any fun after school programs. I’ve been talking to the school board members about the proposal changes. They agree it won’t be beneficial to the students. I think the school might Implement an after-school program to keep the kids safe. The after-school program at the school will not include swimming or a pool, but the kids will have activities and sports to keep them busy when school is over. I have really offered to volunteer to help out and I donated some supplies about should you get the program moving in the right direction.

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