The HVAC treated air wasn’t making it into my home

I don’t love to pay on things that I don’t want, and for example, I don’t like spending money on an eye exam because I hate eye exams! Unluckily, I wear contacts though, which requires my eyes to be examined every two years.

I also didn’t like spending money on a new HVAC duct because I can’t see the HVAC duct plus it felt like a waste. I knew my HVAC system was in good shape, but my HVAC corporation told me that my HVAC duct was not. In fact, it was in such bad shape that they could not do anything other than suggest that I have it replaced, and when I questioned the severity of the situation, the HVAC corporation assured me that I was wasting money every hour the HVAC system powered on because the HVAC treated air wasn’t making it into my house, but there were so many holes in the HVAC duct that had gone unnoticed for so long that it was irreparable. The HVAC duct was old and as far as I know, nobody had ever had the HVAC duct cleaned by a professional. Having HVAC duct cleaning is essential because it removes the dust and dirt that’s building up gradually. If the debris becomes too thick, it creates holes in the HVAC duct where the HVAC treated air can escape. When the air escapes, it’s like throwing money down the drain. In minor cases, an HVAC professional can repair the holes. Unluckily, that was not the case for me. I’d have to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new HVAC duct that I’d never see.


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