The HVAC technician lied about the uniform looking good on anyone.

The HVAC technician who came to school for the job fair was telling everyone that anyone would look good in the uniform.

  • I was quite a curvy girl, and I couldn’t imagine that uniform looking good on me.

I said as much and he laughed. He told me they tailored the uniforms to fit each individual. He was sure I was going to look amazing in the HVAC technician’s uniform. I thanked him and walked away with a smile on my face. After graduation, I signed up for HVAC courses at the local community college. After the first six weeks, they passed out uniforms to us. We had to give our measurements so they could give us a uniform that fit, and I thought mine was going to fit perfectly. It surprised me to see that my uniform was baggy in the legs and backside, but tight everywhere else. There was no way I could wear this uniform to class. The HVAC technician lied about the uniform looking good on anyone, because it looked horrible on me. I took it home and started doing some repairs. I had to rip the shirt apart to add some room and take the pants in. By the time I was done with the changes, my uniform was definitely looking much better. There were two other women in class that had the same problem. We went to my home over the weekend where I changed their uniforms so we all looked good in our HVAC uniforms. We caused quite a commotion with the male HVAC students, which made our instructor laugh and call for order.

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