The HVAC tech won’t take my calls anymore

You do the best that you can to be a pleasant, easy-going human being. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out. I’m not sure if I’m socially inept, or what the issue is. Often, our brains get out of order and it impacts how we behave. This pushes people away, and leaves me feeling like a total failure. It’s especially hard when you’re trying to maintain professional relationships in this challenging, changing world. I realized this the hard way, after our heating and air cooling system went off the deep end. Whom could I call for help? I realized one day that the air quality was stagnant, uneven, even moist. I tried to fix the temperature control. Nothing was decreasing. I couldn’t get the AC unit or furnace to engage, even when I turned the air quality control system completely on and off. I searched the Internet for solutions, using keywords such as “broken heating and cooling systems,” “no indoor air quality control,” “AC and gas furnace won’t work.” None of my efforts helped the indoor air quality, though. Finally, I called the local HVAC repair shop, ordering emergency repair service. I was shocked when the receptionist at the HVAC repair shop informed me they had no one to send to my home! After further discussion, she revealed the HVAC technician no longer wanted to come out to the house. Why? It seems I was annoyingly talking about my home repair ideas while they were patiently working on the heating and cooling system, knowing it would break again!
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