The HVAC Tech is On His Way Over to Save Us

We haven’t had any heat in the house for the past three days since the central heating unit stopped working.

I have a lot of clothes on now as I wait for the repairman to come by and help us get warm again.

I was using my little gas fireplace to warm the office where we have it for now because the office is the smallest room in the house and the easiest to warm up. Me and my lady are both sleeping in the office until we get the central unit working again because our bedroom is way too cold with its big sliding glass doors allowing a lot of cold air to get in. We have a bunch of blankets on the daybed in the office and the small gas fireplace is helping a little bit to heat up the room. I think the HVAC tech will be able to fix the heater because I told him what it did and he thinks he knows why it isn’t working. I hope he knows what he is talking about and can fix our furnace today so we can go back to our normal lives and our normal bedroom for sleeping. I think next time I am going to have a couple small portable radiant heaters as a backup so we don’t have to freeze all day in the house like we have been doing. I will look online to see what is out there as far as portable heaters go and order one or two right away. Thank God for the sun which heats up the room a bit in the day.


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