The HVAC System Was in Good Shape Despite Being Old

One of the first things I did after I moved into my house was contact an HVAC professional.

The current HVAC system was really old, but the inspection said that both the heat and the air were still running.

I understood that the HVAC system wouldn’t run efficiently at that age and it was likely to need to be replaced at some point, but I was still nervous about the HVAC tune up. I didn’t know what secrets the HVAC professional would find or how much it was going to cost me. When the day came to have it tuned, I braced myself for whatever the HVAC professional was about to discover. I let the HVAC professional know that this was the first time the HVAC equipment would be serviced under my home ownership, and he let me know that he’d communicate any issues that he found. I appreciated this because as hard as it was to hear bad things that would need repaired or replaced, it was good to be upfront about it right away. To my surprise, there wasn’t much wrong with the HVAC equipment when the HVAC professional was through looking at everything. He mentioned that I needed a new ductwork cap and there were a few holes along the ductwork that needed to be patched, but that was it. The cap would only cost a few dollars and the patchwork was a simple fix for the HVAC professional. Other than the fact that my HVAC system was old, it was still in good shape.


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