The HVAC installation was kind of fun

Something that I thought was strange was the fact that there are DIY ductless mini split systems available for purchase, yet the HVAC professionals charge a great deal of money to install these systems.

When watching various ductless mini split installations, it took most people between 3 to 5 hours on the installation.

I figured if I did such an installation, I would just take my time even if it took a whole week. Of course, it didn’t take nearly that long when I finally got the HVAC equipment delivered to my house. I got to work on the installation right away because I was excited to get it working. The installation was actually kind of fun and I’m being honest. I certainly can see the appeal of becoming an HVAC professional for a living because it’s not bad work. Still, I already have a good job working from home, so I was just interested in saving money, not necessarily doing this for a living. Anyway, my buddies were impressed with the installation when I showed them. Of course I knew they were going to ask if I could hook them up and help them with their own HVAC installations. I asked them if they were ready to forfeit the HVAC warranty because I had to remind them that I was no professional. One of my buddies pointed at my new HVAC and said that was definitely professional work. Regardless of that fact, it still means nothing for protecting the warranty because I never went to school to become certified. I did end up agreeing that I would help my friends though, and they were glad to hear that.


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