The hotel lobby was warm and uncomfortable

Every summer during the month of June, my wife and I take a vacation and get away from the house for a couple of days.

We leave the kids at my mom and dad’s and we stay at a hotel for the weekend.

Last June, my wife and I decided to spend a whole week in the tropical islands off the coast. We rented a hotel room that we found online. The place had excellent reviews as well as a continental breakfast each morning. When my wife and I checked into the hotel, we were worried about the temperatures in our room. The hotel lobby was warm and uncomfortable. There wasn’t any cold air coming out of the vents on the wall next to the front lobby desk. I asked the manager if there was a problem with the indoor air conditions and he rolled his eyes. The guy told me that the lobby doesn’t have any heating or air conditioning, because the doors are constantly being opened and closed. He promised that the indoor temperatures in the room would be just fine. He told my wife and I to give him a call if there were any problems at all. As soon as we entered the room, I could tell that the air conditioner was running. The temperature inside of the room was vastly different from the temperature in the hallway. It seemed clear to both of us that the hotel temperature problems did not include the rooms. The week-long stay was filled with adult fun and entertaining activities.

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