The hotel could have used a better air conditioner

The hotel in the air conditioner room where I had stayed last weekend absolutely left a lot to be desired, and the stupid air conditioner system would not stay on for more than a couple of hours at a time… I absolutely couldn’t understand why In the world the people who own this hotel thought that it was a good idea to put in this kind of cooling system in all of the rooms.

To me, it just seems that one more annoyance to the hotel guests, kind of love people being loud in the next room over or kids running through the halls in the rooms above you! Except, for me, this was even more annoying.

I love to keep my room absolutely cold when I am sleeping in a hotel. I typically turn the control equipment way down plus snuggle under the covers in the freezing cold room; however, this was not possible at all in this unique room because every more than one hours, the air cooler would completely turn off. In a room as small as this one with large windows in it, the temperature would start going up almost instantaneously. It was definitely driving me silly plus I couldn’t figure out why in the world someone would do that. Anyway, it got on my nerves plus I kept trying to figure out some way to keep the air conditioner on while I was sleeping. There was no way to rig it up, though, since it was a digital control unit. I did not get a good night’s sleep at all plus I refuse to ever stay in a hotel love that again.

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