The HEPA filter has been great

I could not be more content with our HEPA filter than I am right now; I was legitimately skeptical when I was thinking about getting a HEPA filter. It’s what everybody was recommending to myself and others however I still wasn’t sure that would be the right choice for me. I did a lot of research about HEPA filters online before thinking about getting one plus I saw that they had legitimately nice reviews; When I spoke to a heating plus AC serviceman on the PC, she also commanded them. I was looking to get some sort of filter because I had been having some troubles with our air quality, and the reason that I was having problems with our air quality was because our lake beach house was an older lake beach house that had previously had some mold growth in it, plus while had done our best to detach all the mold growth from it, it’s still unfortunately had some residue left over plus that was causing myself and others to have disappointing plus no air quality. I was having the beach house deep cleaned, plus the HEPA filter was supposed to take care of what was left of any disappointing air quality. I figured that I would be able to have the filter installed plus then once it was installed that would take care of you if you want some for all. If it was what everybody was recommending to myself and others that it was entirely good, then so I decided to go ahead plus take a choice plus get it from our local heating plus cooling business plus I’m legitimately happy that I did because it was true that the filter did indeed take care of our air quality problems.



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