The heating system in the hotel was not working

Whenever we were staying overnight in a hotel a couple of weeks ago, the heating system in the hotel room was not working.

This was not good for us because it was really cold outside that night.

We had been driving around in the cold weather all day, and the only thing that we wanted to do was snuggle up in bed and get a warm night’s sleep. However, it just did not seem like that was in the cards for us. As soon as we walked into the lobby we noticed that the temperature was not as warm as it should have been. The guy at the front desk told us that they were having some issues with their heating and cooling system. He said that some of their rooms were having issues with the heating and ours just so happened to be one of them. We asked him to just move us to a different room, but that was the main issue. They were hosting a conference and every single room was booked up. It was the same thing with all of the hotels across the city, too. So we were either going to have to stay in a room without a working heating system or just do without a room altogether. Since we were all very tired and ready for bed, we decided to just stay in the room and deal with it. The people at the front desk gave us a little electric space heater, so at least we were able to get the temperature in our room up a little bit. It wasn’t nice and cozy like we wanted it to be, but at least we weren’t freezing.


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