The Heating specialist lied about the uniform

There were more than one other ladies in class that had the same problem

The Heating & Air Conditioning specialist who came to visit my school for the task conference told almost everyone that anyone would look great in the uniform. I was quite a busty and curvy girl, so I could not imagine that uniform looking great on me. I said as much & the tech laughed. She told myself and others they tailored the uniforms to fit each individual. She was quite sure I was going to look amazing in the Heating & Air Conditioning specialist’s uniform. I thanked the tech & walked away with a smile on my face. After graduation, I signed up for a few Heating & Air Conditioning courses at the local community school. After the first seven weeks, they passed out uniforms to us. The people I was with and I had to supply them with our measurements so they could supply us with uniforms that fit, & I thought mine was going to fit perfectly. It surprised myself and others to see that my uniform was very baggy in the legs & backside, but tight everywhere else. There was no way I would wear this uniform to class. The Heating & Air Conditioning specialist lied about the uniforms looking great on anyone, because it looked horrible on me. I took it to my condo & started doing some repairs. I had to rip the shirt apart to add some extra room & take the pants in. By the time I was done with the swings, my uniform was looking a lot better. There were more than one other ladies in class that had the same problem. The other students and I went to my condo over the weekend where I changed their uniforms so that every one of us all looked great in our Heating & Air Conditioning uniforms. The other students and I caused quite a commotion with the male Heating & Air Conditioning students, which made our instructors laugh & call out for order.



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