The heating professional was at her door early the following morning

I was supposed to be with my granny by the 12th, but my work schedule was running crazy.

I’d not spent the holidays with her in a long time. So, I promised to get there early and we’d be together on Christmas morning. I was already packed to leave on the 11th when my boss called with some news. She was so apologetic since she knew I had a trip planned. However, a huge client was coming on board, and they were only willing to work with me. Now, I love my job, and appreciate my boss who is a wonderful human being. But, I also made a promise to my granny. So, I called her to explain I was running late. Granny wasn’t worried, and she said I could work because it was an important deal. However, she mentioned she was having heating issues which had me worried. We’d been speaking about replacing the heating system in her home all year, and that’s one of the reasons I was traveling early. My plan was to get there, and make sure the heating replacement went on smoothly. However, I wasn’t going to make it on time, so I phoned the heating business. I explained my granny was old, and she was experiencing issues with her heating system. I’d contacted them before inquiring about new heating systems, so I told them to go ahead and do the replacement. The heating professional was at her door early the next day ready to work. He’d make sure the heating system replacement went on well, and granny was comfy. I felt better because they had excellent reviews online.


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