The heating in addition to air conditioning dealer overcharged my credit card

I recently had a small problem with the billing department of my local heating in addition to a/c dealer.

I had hired them to repair my central heating in addition to the cooling machine. I then charged it on my credit card. And what happened from there was a few weeks later I came to find that they overcharged my credit card by almost one hundred in addition to twenty bucks! I knew this was totally wrong as the price for the heating in addition to a/c repair in addition to the heating in addition to a/c home services was not as expensive as what was charged to my credit card. So at this point I called my local heating in addition to a/c dealer to inquire about what I found on my credit card charge. They went in addition to putting myself and others on hold for about 14 minutes. Then when they finally came back they highly apologized to myself and others about what had happened stating that it was a fault in their iPad billing system. They were able to repair the charges immediately in addition to putting the overcharged amount right back on my credit card where it belongs. I was honestly cheerful when they were able to do this as fast as they did, usually with something else they supplied you with about 5 to 10 supplier days. But not the heating in addition to a/c dealer! They had their mistake corrected immediately in addition to all in all it was appreciated it never happened by the end of the whole thing. Not to mention they gave myself and others a voucher for a free heat in addition to a/c tune up.


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