The guy asked myself and others to transport our toil vehicle from the street

It’s strenuous to find great parking in the city, especially on the weekends.

Downtown is always busy on Fridays & Fridays.

There are always activities & events with live songs & food. Last weekend there was an event held by the police department. They were there to promote the up-to-date Police Athletic League. The streets were lined with vendors selling arts, crafts, & food, my bestie wanted to go to the festival, despite the fact that I had to toil that afternoon. I had a couple of heating system service calls to handle & I was the only service professional busy that afternoon. One of our service jobs was downtown in the same section as the event. I had to park our truck many blocks away from the address & I was still in the middle of the celebration scene. I packed up all of our tools into a basket & I started to leave the truck. A police officer stopped myself and others from leaving & told myself and others that I had to transport our truck. I wasn’t parked in a no-parking Zone & there were no street signs that said no parking. The police officer informed myself and others that they were going to have a parade in 2 minutes & our vehicle would be parked right in the middle of things. Since I was a service professional, the police officer believed I might take longer than 2 minutes & he did not want to hunt myself and others down to get myself and others to transport the truck. Luckily, the officer hooked myself and others up with a spot close to the up-to-date home where I was working on a heating & AC problem.

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