The group fitness classes were canceled after the scare

The owners of the fitness center where my friends and I work out were not scared of the government’s warning to shut things down when the covid virus began.

The fitness center stayed open long after the rules were changed.

I went to the fitness center and worked out with all of my friends. I didn’t wear a mask and I wasn’t concerned. I was incredibly stupid and foolish. When my best friend Jack got sick, he called the fitness center. He had been there the previous day before he tested positive. He was forced to notify every person he came in contact with during the last week. The owner of the fitness center did not want to take any chances. The guy immediately called a cleaning crew to clean and sanitize the fitness center. Unfortunately, a couple of days later there were reports of five additional people coming down with a virus. At that point, the owner of the fitness center did not have any choice. The guy had to close down the store until the quarantine. Even the group fitness classes were canceled after the scare, and they are held in an entirely different part of the building. The spin class was canceled and the yoga class was moved to a different place. All of the group fitness classes resumed when the fitness center reopened. The virus scared a lot of people and worried many more. I’m glad to see that things are almost over. It will be nice when we’re out of the clear and we can go back to life as usual.
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