The filter kept the furnace from working correctly

I was having trouble sleeping the other night because the gas heating system kept turning off; I didn’t know what was going on at first but then I realized that our heating system filter was dirty.

I let the gas heating system cool off before swapping out the heating system filter… When the heating system filter was upgraded, I cranked it back on as well as it didn’t give me various issues throughout the rest of the night.

I was thinking that maybe I wouldn’t have to contact a local dealer to have it fixed, but I was wrong. It gave me issues again early in the afternoon as well as it became freezing once again in our home. I was disappointed because I thought the heating system filter was the problem, as well as I thought the issue was resolved. When I had an actual heating as well as an air conditioning professional come out later to check everything out, he said that our heating system needed a nice cleaning! Then he said the pilot light was severely obstructed as well as that was the main reason why our heating system would keep on shutting down. He also said a few parts needed to be upgraded including the blower motor as well as the burners. I didn’t mention anything about the dirty heating system filter because I didn’t want to be reprimanded by this guy. I knew I had to stay on top of the repair as well as heating system filter upgradements, anyway, he was able to get our heating system finally working fantastic again as well as I was thankful for that even though both of us were almost done with winter, and of course, the weather keeps going up as well as down. One afternoon it’s really nice out as well as the next it’s snowing again, however every one of us gets some crazy Springtime seasons around these parts.


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