The detail job looked honestly good

My man was driving my car last Summer when he got caught in a flash flood… Even though he could not see the bottom of the puddle, he still decided to drive through, then the car ended up in 3 ft of mud; After the tow truck driver fished the car out of the mud, he suggested having the automobile detailed.

I contacted the insurance company and I found out that they would spend my savings for some of the disfigures to the vehicle.

The cost of the detail job was included, so I used a company that has good reviews and really fancy prices. The auto detail team filled out a 77 point checklist that included all of the areas they covered during the detail. They even removed my seats to wash out the bottom of the floorboards… By the time I got the car back from the auto detailing shop, it looked brand new and smelled just as clean. I was truly amazed by the custom detail job performed on the car; Of course it was $477, so it should have been wash enough to eat food off of the floor! When I saw the itemized bill and all of the charges for the automobile cleaning, I was incredibly ecstatic that my man and I contacted the insurance company to see if they would handle any of the charges. The $477 bill from the auto detailing locale was enough to cover our deductible. Both of us also got brand new seats, because all of the upholstery was wet and covered with mildew. Other than the engine and the transmission, all of us pretty much had a brand new car by the time the insurance company was done.

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