The delivery guy was many minutes late to the store

Every Monday afternoon, the people I was with and I acquire deliveries from the distribution warehouse.

All of our Heating & Air Conditioning supplies come from the distribution warehouse. That includes AC units, heaters, air filters, & basic replacement parts. The same guy has been delivering all of our items for the past many years. The guy always shows up at the service center before 9 am. I had many upgrade jobs busy last Monday & all of the component for the jobs was on the truck coming from the distribution warehouse. I expected the delivery guy around 8:30 & our guys were going to leave as soon as the component arrived. 8:30 came & went & so did 9 & 9:30. I decided to call the distribution warehouse when the delivery guy still had not arrived by 10 in the afternoon. I spoke with someone in the dispatch office. We reviewed our order & the dispatch person contacted the driver of the delivery truck, and earlier that afternoon, the guy had some trouble with the vehicle & had to stop on the side of the road; He was delayed by a couple of minutes. The delivery driver finally arrived with our Heating & Air Conditioning component at noon. None of our guys had enough time to complete all of the repairs that afternoon, so the people I was with and I had to reschedule a couple of upgrade jobs for Friday. Nobody loves to toil on the weekend, but in this case it was entirely necessary. This is the first time in many years that the Heating & Air Conditioning component has been late. I can’t complain because the driver was late one time.



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