The customer who won the new HVAC equipment and free fitting

According to the training I received in business school, it serves the company to hold competitions and have giveaways for our customers. It not only gives the business exposure but also creates a good rapport with the existing and potential customers. When the HVAC brands launched the new HVAC equipment, the industry went wild because the new HVAC units had the new HVAC technology. The industry was excited about these quality HVAC systems, plus the homeowners were. We took full advantage of this and created a competition for the customers. The grand prize would be winning an entire HVAC system, and the HVAC business would facilitate the delivery and HVAC installation for free. The HVAC repairman would also take the winning customer through the crucial tips on proper operation and HVAC maintenance to keep the unit functioning optimally. The competition included a winning number only found on the newly released thermostats. The customers would only purchase the regulators from our local HVAC providers. As homeowners scrambled to get the regulators to help with indoor comfort and for a chance to win the free unit, the HVAC professionals were busy servicing and installing the new units for other customers. The winning customer was an older woman who had no idea about the competition were it not for her grandson, who scratched the regulator she had bought for her old unit. The employees at the company were delighted to provide a new system for the lady who had dedicated her life to helping the less fortunate. It was a lovely win, and she did deserve it. Within a week, she not only had a new regulator but a brand new unit with quality indoor comfort.
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