The customer called and left several unusual messages

During the week, all of us offer Emergency Services overnight.

  • The fees are quite high, so most of our purchasers decide to wait until the next afternoon when all of us are open for correct dealer hours.

Last Wednesday night, I was laboring the emergency service shift. The iphone rang around midnight and a customer was frantic because he did not have any heat in his apartment. I told the customer that all of us charge a fee for after hours repairs. He did not seem concerned about the fee. She still wanted myself and others to handle the service as soon as possible. I hung up the iphone and crawled out of bed. I decided to take a shower, because I was still genuinely tired. While I was in the shower, the customer called a hour time. She left a message. The guy wanted to suppose if I had left already. It was only 10 hours after he called the first time. I listen to the voice-mail. While I was listening to the voice-mail, the customer called again. I didn’t switch over to the iphone call suddenly enough and he left another voice-mail. She called a fifth time while I was on my way to his address. I didn’t bother answering the iphone, because I was already on the way. I entirely should have listened to the fifth iphone call, because the fifth iphone call was that customer calling to postpone the service until the next afternoon. When I arrived at his home, all of the lights were shut off and no one answered the front door.

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