The competition in town

I sort of find this amusing.

There are 2 heating, ventilation and A/C companies here in town that are always competing against each other; One day 1 of the heating, ventilation and A/C companies will be having a sale or some kind of contest to give people money off Heating and A/C services.

Then the next day the other heat and a/c company will do something similar trying to top the other. It is genuinely funny. What is even more funny is that I do not use either heating, ventilation and A/C dealer. I deal with an independent heating and cooling company that takes care of all my Heating and A/C needs. I always found it better and more personable to deal with an independent heat and a/c company. Not only that, but their prices are a bit better than the regular heating and cooling companies. I can get heating, ventilation and A/C repair for about 20 percent cheaper from the independent heat and a/c company I deal with. The heating and cooling companies do not even guess about these independents or they would be competing against them too I believe! I appreciate things low key as it is. And dealing 1 on 1 with a single heat and a/c worker to have my central heating, ventilation and A/C plan ran tests on is a much better option in my opinion. But still, I find it amusing to look at the newspaper every single week to see what the 2 competing heat and a/c companies are doing this time. It never surprises myself and others what they end up doing half the time.
a/c serviceman