The classroom is pretty nice considering it's portable

I applied for a teaching job with a couple of odd elementary schools in the city! I did not know if I would get any calls for interviews, because it was my first year out of university.

I had numerous interviews plus a single of the principals wanted myself and others to join her team, then she asked myself and others if I would be interested in teaching the hour grade.

I was glad to teach any grade or any subject as long as she was offering myself and others a job. Since I was a first-year teacher, I did not have a classroom of my own. I was forced to teach from a portable classroom outside. Some of the older teachers told myself and others to beware of the portable classrooms, although I actually have not had any troubles at all. In fact, I kind of love the portable classroom. I have a lot more room than the other teachers plus I have multiple walls that I can use for bulletin boards! The classroom has a ductless Heating, Ventilation & A/C system. I have access to heat plus air conditioning that I can control on my own. I am sure there are lots of reasons why a classroom is better than a portable building, however I’ve had a taxing time coming up with a reason why it is a better situation for me. I am actually enjoying getting to know all of the students. I never thought I would have a class room of my own plus I am positively happy to have a portable, modular, or stick plus brick classroom full of students that call myself and others their teacher.


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