The broken Heating and Air Conditioning machine in our apartment

Recently I got a new condo after being transferred by the company I toil for to another branch.

  • The condo I got is situated in a enjoyable location near our new condo of work.

But it did not have a functional Heating and Air Conditioning. The landlady told myself and others that an Heating and Air Conditioning worker from the Heating and Air Conditioning repair shop would come and repair it while we were in the weekend while I was not at work; When the tech arrived, he did some duct cleaning, changed the air filter, and tried fixing any other unit troubles. He also told myself and others that it wasn’t his first time repairing the equipment. The unit kept splitting down even when the previous tenant lived there. When I asked the landlady, he told myself and others he had been planning to buy a new Heating and Air Conditioning unit. She informed myself and others that he had already consulted an Heating and Air Conditioning professional about the air quality systems and was planning to visit the Heating and Air Conditioning company after a short while. The unit worked for numerous weeks, however then it broke down again. The landlady finally went to buy new unit to help with indoor comfort. She went and purchased new unit with a sound air cleaner. After a few afternoons, the new unit was delivered. A local corporation was called for the replacement of the equipment. The corporation installed everything fresh, including the ductwork. After that, the air quality was excellent. The landlady also signed up with the condo services for respected Heating and Air Conditioning tune-ups. This would help identify any problem the unit may have in the future before the destruction becomes unfixable. It was a long weekend, although I knew the problem was permanently fixed. The condo was now a safe space for me.

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