The bonus turned out to be a five hundred dollar Visa card

My boss is a pretty good guy plus he is undoubtedly bendy plus kind.

When my lady went into labor, he gave me seven afternoons of paid leave plus a gift card for $100 for my lady plus the baby.

When I needed someone to help me get a car, my boss gave me an advance on my paycheck so I had enough currency for the down payment, and my lady plus I have not had a lot of currency since my associate and I had to buy a new automobile plus have the baby. It’s been difficult to keep a good budget so I have been working as much overtime as possible. The boss needed someone to work on Monday plus I knew it was going to be the only afternoon that I had with my lady. I easily didn’t want to work 7 afternoons plus go right back to work on Monday again so I did not raise my hand to offer assistance, and no one else raised their hand either. The boss finally said that he would offer a bonus to the person that offered to work. As soon as I heard the word bonus, I thought about diapers plus wipes plus I raised my hand up high. I told my boss that I would work however only because the baby needed diapers. Everyone in the office laughed, but I was telling the truth. When I was done with the repairs that afternoon, my boss told me to check the glove box in the service vehicle. He said he left something for me inside. Inside of the glove box was a Visa gift card for $500 plus a note that said I am going to get a promotion undoubtedly soon.

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