The backup generator worked well

A few months ago, I decided to install a backup generator at the office, one of the worst troubles that can happen is the power going out, but when the power goes out, we lose all access to our data & work has to stop… Last year I decided to install a generator that can run all of the office systems.

The generator was entirely one of the best ideas that I have ever had.

I did not realize that the generator would work so entirely & seamlessly. As soon as the power goes out, the backup generator automatically comes on. I had the Heating & A/C corporation work with the electrician to make sure that all of the components were installed properly. I didn’t want to take any chances, so I paid both corporations to consult on the task. The power was out last weekend for 6 hours & I had my first opportunity to see how well the generator works. As soon as the power went out, the generator came right on, then so did the a/c equipment which had been running at the time when the power shut off. The backup generator cost me a fortune, although I already see how it’s going to spend money off in the end. If I do not have to shut down for any reason, then I do not have to spend money employees to sit around & I do not have to explain to my clients why their service contracts are delayed. The generator for the heating & AC system changed everything for me.



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