The apartment owner was taking too long to replace the faulty air conditioning

The city I chose to move to after college was quite lovely.

It was by the beach, and I never had to deal with the brutal winters back home again.

It felt good to always be in the sun wearing shorts and sandals rather than boots and warm clothes. But, life was a bit more expensive since many people had the same idea to live there. Since I worked part-time, I rented a small apartment that wasn’t that good. We always had an issue that the landlord took forever to handle, including the air conditioning. Imagine being in the middle of summer and the air conditioning in the whole apartment fails. The building manager always said his hands were tied, and the responsibility to fix the faulty air conditioning was in the landlord’s hands. He always took too long to bring in an HVAC technician to fix the air conditioner, which left us feeling so uncomfortably hot. One day, I asked the building manager if we could install mini-split ACs. I knew it was best to ask before making any changes to an apartment I didn’t own. The building manager said it was allowed, which might be the best thing to do to get some air conditioning. He was honest and said the landlord prioritized another project and would take long to fix the faulty air conditioning. He didn’t have to tell me twice. I went ahead and placed an order for a small mini-split AC that would keep my small space cool and lovely all summer.

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