The air purification idea at the college dining hall needs a tune-up

Over the past weeks, the people I was with and I have observed that the dining hall gets super stuffy, and occasionally it’s hard to breathe in there.

The two of us usually open the windows to help with the indoor air pollen levels! Even the cleaners had observed that the tables would get easily dusty, since it is summer, the tables get easily dusty, then from our science and technology studies, the people I was with and I knew a little about heat and AC products, and dusty surfaces and low air quality was an indication of dirty air filters, however when the companys arrived, our science teacher gave us a opening to shadow them so the people I was with and I could learn a thing or more than one about media air cleaners. The companys started by inspecting the ductwork that was covered in grease from all the cooking. They redid duct sealing on some parts of the vents. Afterward, they started with the duct cleaning process which involved cleaning and replacing the washable filters to improve the quality of air. The companys allowed 1 of us to call the local business to supply a current dozen of filters for future use. With the warmth from the heat pump, the filters were able to dry and the people I was with and I inspected their efficiency. The media air cleaner had stopped making odd noises once the air ducts were cleaned. The companys even illustrated how to use the current digital thermostat which most of us knew how to use because of the Heating and Air Conditioning idea in our homes, then by the end of the afternoon, the people I was with and I had a well-functioning air quality idea in the dining hall. The two of us had dinner that evening in a well-ventilated room with high-quality indoor comfort. The two of us also l gained a lot about how to operate Heating and Air Conditioning systems.

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