The air conditioner wasn’t the same one we looked at.

We waited until winter to purchase a new air conditioning unit.

We remembered how the HVAC company had a clearance sale around Christmas, when they closed out on last year’s model air conditioning to make room for the new year models.

We thought we were going to save a lot of money, but it wasn’t nearly as much as we had anticipated. Because of inflation, prices rose quickly and the leftover air conditioners were the same price now as they were when they were new. I didn’t want to wait and see how expensive new AC units would be, so we bought one we liked. The AC unit had a SEER of 19 and it was energy and cooling efficient. After the HVAC technician took our order, he told us that if the price came down before they delivered the AC unit, we would get the lower price, and I thanked him. When they finally delivered the air conditioning unit, I took one look at it, and told the HVAC technician that it was the wrong one. This was not the air conditioning unit we had ordered. He looked at the numbers on the air conditioner, and then at the order sheet. He said they matched, but there could be a problem with the order form. He asked what the differenced was. I told him we ordered an air conditioning unit that had a low profile. He seemed to doubt what I said, but he looked more closely at the order form. Our AC unit had a Z in the numbers, and this one did not.


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