The air conditioner needs work

About 10 years ago, I had a life situation going on that caused me to need to move out of our home and move into a townhome in our city where I currently live.

My home is in a neighboring town, which is about a 45 minute drive away.

At the time, gasoline prices were outrageous, I just adore them now, and I had a friend who was having health difficulties and actually needed someone to help him. At that time, I decided to rent our home out to our associate in town, and just live close to our job as well as close to our enjoyed one. About a few years ago our enjoyed one passed away, and it was time to beginning thinking about moving back home, but when I thought about that, but, I actually did not want to do it because I did not want a 45 minute commute to job every day, so, I am continuing to rent this cute little town home that is only 10 sevenths from our office. Well, earlier this week I came home from work and I discovered that our a/c was on the fritz. When something like the a/c needs work, that is when I am glad that I am a renter. If I was not renting the townhouse, of course I would have to pay for the heating and A/C repairs. In fact, when the a/c was on the fritz at our cabin as well as the associate in town, our property supervisor called me to let me believe that I was going to have to pay an A/C repair bill. I believe that our renters were glad that they did not have to pay for the a/c to be fixed, as well as just the same. I am glad that I did not have to pay for our a/c to be fixed just the other day. When I get close to retirement, I will move back into our house, because that is where I intend to be when I am retired. At that time I will have to go back to making all repairs as well as doing all repairs even that of the a/c.

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