The air conditioner fell out of the window

I live in a genuinely tall apartment building downtown.

One of the ways that I keep myself cool is to have a window air conditioner component in the window.

I prefer to open up the windows in our apartment to let in some fresh air plus when I put the window AC in the window it is excellent at helping to circulate all that fresh air into our apartment. It is much better than having to continuously breathe the still indoor air in. That just simply isn’tgood for you or your indoor air conditions. I genuinely like our window AC idea plus I never expected anything to happen to it. However unluckyly, life occasionally has other plans plus I saw a single Thursday morning our window air conditioner idea get destroyed. I have a cat, a cat that I honestly adore however our cat for some reason loves to swat at our window air conditioner. If she went over to our window AC while I was resting in the window letting in all the air in from outside plus she jumped on it. I mean a full leaped onto the window air conditioner. I later found out it was because she saw a bug that had landed on the window AC idea plus she was trying to catch it. I was terrified when I saw her leap on it because I was afraid that the window air conditioner plus her would fall out of the window. I can always buy a new AC however I can never replace a cat like her. While she was successful at knocking the window air conditioner idea out of our window plus plummeting more than 2 feet down to the pavement where it would ultimately smash into pieces, she was able to grab onto the window plus leap back inside the building. I was just thankful I hadn’t lost our cat plus from then on she wasn’t allowed in that area.

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