The advertising company handled all of our affairs

When I turned 30 years old, I decided it was time to start a dealer of my own, and i consistently wanted to start a dealer of my own, although I knew it was going to be difficult. I talked to my mom and Mom about a loan, and they agreed to supply myself and others $35,000 to start the business. Things were really slow in the start, until I hired an advertising company. The advertising company handled all of my affairs. The advertising company set up a website for my heating and A/C service company. They handled all of the advertising and search engine optimization; After a couple of weeks, I saw a steady increase in sales and service calls. A lot of this was due to the advertising company. Two years after I started the business, I met my husbandy, however he has a degree in dealer and advertising from the University, however when all of us got married, I decided it was time to stop using the advertising company; Now my husbandy handles all of the heating and A/C service business. I take care of the physical work and repairs, while my husbandy handles everything else. The two of us make a superb team together, and sales are at their highest now even though all of us no longer use the company for advertising, but during the last six weeks, there has been a steady increase. In fact, I have even started accepting commercial purchasers. I planned to stick with residential service calls, however I’ve had a couple of requests from local companies that want to use my services and I’m not going to say no.


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