The AC company was only hiring qualified and certified experts

After graduation, I opted not to work for my uncle full time

The day I told my parents I wasn’t going to university was the toughest for all of us. They worked so hard to give all of us a good life, including a chance to get a college degree. But, I had learned from my siblings that this dream wasn’t all it was cut out to be. Two of my sisters working full time had moved back home because they had so much debt to pay. Instead, I chose to heed my uncle’s advice and train to be an expert AC technician. My mom and dad weren’t too happy about this, but they saw sense in what I was saying. We sat down, and they listened to my explanation of why becoming an AC technician was more lucrative. I love working with my hands and have been interning for my uncle, an HVAC expert, since I was 13. All those years of experience gave me a vast knowledge of the HVAC industry. My parents finally saw sense in my reasoning, and I became the first child not to go to university. Instead, I enrolled in a local HVAC college, and my uncle hired me in his company part-time. The two years I was in school were great because I got to study many new things and become quite handy in repairing faulty heating and cooling units. After graduation, I opted not to work for my uncle full time. I wanted a different experience, and he understood, so I applied to a local AC company. They were hiring qualified and certified AC experts to start work immediately.

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