Temporary renting situation makes me miss my own HVAC unit

I remember now why I really wanted to own my own house.

My wife and I are temporarily renting after just selling the family home.

It’s been a heck of an experience I can assure you of that. When you live somewhere for nearly 30 years, you tend to accumulate stuff. And I thought the hard part was going to be upgrading the HVAC equipment and all the other projects we did to get the house on the market. The new residential HVAC sure made a difference though. This region comes with plenty of heat and humidity so home buyers want a turn key situation when it comes to the HVAC. I don’t blame them either. I’d want to come into a new place and have the quality heating and air I’d expect without having to upgrade the HVAC myself. That sure isn’t the case in the condo we are renting for at least the next six months. The residential HVAC in this place is long past its prime. We seem to call the rental office weekly because that heat pump is completely overwhelmed in the summer heat. It makes me so ready to get to the next house or wherever it is we choose to go. All I know is that I’m going to enjoy the great heating and cooling of the latest in residential HVAC. Going through all that stuff, paring down and packing up that stuff was so much better thanks to the great HVAC we were able to experience in our old house before we moved out.

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