Temperature difference in my home

It is never a good sign when you have hot or cold spots in your home.

Or in my case, a room that is a different temperature from the entire home.

I walked through the door to my bedroom multiple times and it was always the same. My entire home was cool, but my room felt stuffy and hot. Naturally, you can probably understand why this has been affecting my sleep quality as well. I find myself waking up more and more and the quality of my sleep decreasing. The thing is, I have dealt with temperature differences in rooms before, but this time it somehow seemed different. In the past the culprit would be having the window open and letting too much sun in. Or having thermostat issues. But I had recently just replaced the thermostat with a smart thermostat, and the room in question doesn’t even have windows. So why is my room so hot all of the time? One of the key things to look at in this situation is the air conditioning system, since it is what heats and cools the home. I already knew my A/C device worked fine. So I grabbed my ladder and looked at all of the air vents next. Once I looked at all of the other air vents versus the one in my room, the problem became clear. Somehow, my room’s A/C vents were half closed. They weren’t even fully open! I made sure to fully pry them open, and was blasted in the face with air conditioning. The overheated room issue went away, and my sleeping quality increased as well.

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