Talking about HVAC

All I wanted was a website to promote my HVAC company so I would get more traffic and more business.

Everyone I talked to told myself and others it was so easy to do, however none of them ever wanted to show myself and others how.

The free website creator tools were all difficult plus clumsy to navigate. I remembered my dad telling myself and others that I only get what you spend good money for, plus I was sure that if the free website creator was free, I wasn’t getting much at all. I knew I needed a website. I had searched websites of various HVAC companies in our town, plus they all had one. I thought if I could copy one of their websites plus use the same kind of format, I should be able to use it to acquire more shoppers. I wasn’t sure how I would do this, since I knew nothing about web development. I asked my sibling Bob why my website didn’t get myself and others any supplier when I used the same formatting as other HVAC companies. Bob was constantly entirely critical, plus I thought that some superb criticism was just what I needed. It took Bob all of 10 minutes to tell myself and others what was wrong. Bob said that if you talked more about HVAC plus less about me, I would have a fairly great website. I also had to have some superb SEO installed in the website, plus a landing page where clients could ask for information. I wasn’t sure I knew what he was talking about. I moved from the computer plus told Bob to show myself and others what I needed. I was hoping Bob would take my hint plus do my web development for me.