Talking about household hunting

Lately my guy plus I have been having some pretty intense talks about searching for our next residence, we’ve only lived together in a rental household for about 6 months, plus already we’re thinking about purchasing a condo when our lease is up.

You see, although it’s a sizable move, it also would greatly reduce our yearly cost of residing to pay a mortgage instead of rent.

We’d also like to be earning equity so long as we’re dumping currency into a residence every month. That being said, the maturity of the situation ends there; All my wonderful friend and I do is bicker about the particulars of the house. While he’s most interested in the space for toiling on his vehicle plus grilling outdoors, I’m obsessed with the lighting inside plus the modern Heating plus Air Conditioning system, but i really refuse to live somewhere that does not have fully functioning plus highly effective heating plus a/c already in site. I don’t want to roll the dice plus buy a locale with an outdated system plus spotty maintenance records. I’ve heard too multiple horror stories about ancient heating plus cooling systems failing as soon as modern owners move in. I do not want to be one of those bad unlucky souls who continually has the Heating plus Air Conditioning professional on speed dial. I refuse to waste all of our household decorating currency on stupid furnace plus a/c repairs. I know my guy is more invested in the outdoor comforts of our modern site, however I am dead set on purchasing top notch indoor temperature control.


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