Switching from Throwaway to Washable Filters

I have a few HEPA filters that I am going to buy, specifically washable HEPA filters, and I am going to replace all of my old filters in the house with them.

I have one of those robot cleaning vacuum cleaners, which has a normal filter in it, and I want it to have a HEPA filter so it can catch more of the dust on the floor.

I have some pretty bad allergies with dust and am going to try to fix the problem so it doesn’t drive me crazy anymore with all of the sneezing. My HVAC system has the old disposable filter in it and I am going to the local business today to find a washable HEPA filter for it, so I can stop tossing all these filters out every three months and stop causing more litter in the dumps. I wish they could find a way to make all of the junk in the dumps just disappear one day, there must be a solution. Imagine all of the old air conditioners and heaters and appliances in the dumps, it seems like we could incinerate everything and turn it into dust without polluting the air in doing so. I’m sure one day someone will figure out the solution and remove all of this waste piling up across the world. But for now, I’ll do my part and stop tossing out the filters for my HVAC system and vacuum cleaner. I also have a filter in the exhaust fan in my kitchen which I’ll try and replace with a washable HEPA filter.
air conditioning technician