Sunday is a Cold One Today so I am Bundled up With Lots of Layers

Old Elon Musk is at it again with the founder of Ethereum now.

Together they have a ton of money and power, and now they are talking about making Dogecoin a form of currency. I had a bunch of these coins and sold them when it was dipping, but now I am regretting the sale as it is pumping once again. Oh well, you can’t keep chasing rainbows your whole life or you can end up going nowhere, because you can never catch them in the end. I have Litecoin, per the advice of my HVAC tech coworker, and I am just going to hold it because I know as soon as I sell it the thing will skyrocket. It’s just been in a consolidation period for a few days, which usually means it is getting ready for another bull run. I could buy that new radiant space heater if it takes another jump soon. I wish I kept my original 857,000 Dogecoins that I had at the start of 2021, instead of selling them in the middle of January just before it blew up. I made all of this money from the heating and cooling equipment I sold and then turned around and threw it in the wind where it blew away. Have you lost money like this in your life too, or is it just me doing dumb investments? Now I go back to the drawing board and back to my HVAC repair job and saving again. I guess the most important thing is that I am healthy and fairly happy.

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