Spending time with my friends

Monday evening I was supposed to be hosting for friends for a get-together of cocktails plus dinner. Every so often we like to gather and just share some friendship times, and I easily enjoy that I have friends that like to do this, as I find that working all day makes it more challenging to find fun things to do. I was looking forward to cooking my chicken, asparagus and potatoes, when I got home I discovered that it seemed awfully overheated in my house. I headed over to the control device which hangs in the wall, and that is when I discovered that the control device was reading 83 degrees! I do live in the southeastern portion of the country, and let me tell you most of the year here it is quite hot, however we have not yet reached summer, yet, though oh, plus I easily did not ever expect for my house to be 83 degrees. I had set the control device on 68 when I left that day, as I always do before I leave for work! So, I knew something was wrong. I had two options. I could call my friends and tell them that my A/C was on the fritz and we would have to do our dinner another time, or I could try to have a fantastic time with my friends even without AC, and of course, not only would the two of us not have the heating and air conditioning running, I also would be running the oven plus the stove, so it was more likely to be even hotter here than what the control device currently reads. I easily thought those were my only two options, so I called my friend Jennifer first. I was quite overjoyed when Jennifer said we do not have to cancel, we can just have dinner at my place. I was so ecstatic with Jennifer because normally people do not like to switch our get-togethers at the last hour, as oftentimes our houses are not exactly clean all the time, but coming modern home to a control device that reads 83 is no fun, however having friends like Jennifer that you can count on is just fabulous

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