Spending a lot on the AC repair

Our home has been seriously having issues with temperature control.

In one area it will be too hot or too cold and in another area it will be the most perfect temperature.

Something needed to be done about this because it just wasn’t proper indoor comfort. So after doing a lot of thinking and a lot of researching looking for answers, we came up with the solution of getting a zoned heating and air conditioning system! If you are not familiar with this, it is also known as HVAC zone control. And what HVAC zone control does is make it so that your home can have the central heating and air conditioning system be running at one temperature in a certain area and another elsewhere. It is sort of like having a few different central heat and a/c units in one home, but it is all in one. The only thing with heating and air conditioning zone control is that it is very pricey to purchase. However, because this issue is not going to be fixed any other way we had to take out a bank loan and do it. I will tell you that it was the most viable solution and now our home has perfect temperature control and indoor comfort. But the downside of all this is that I am going to be paying off the loan for several years to come. Me and my family are not wealthy. We are just average working class people that normally would not be able to afford such luxury as a zoned heating and air conditioning system unit.

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