Sometimes the air conditioner acts up

Problem solved

I noticed that it is not uncommon for our air conditioning system to act up. And when I say act up, I don’t mean it completely breaks down and I have to call an air conditioning specialist to come and repair it. No, the issues are always fairly minor, and something simple enough even someone like me, with no HVAC experience can repair. The thing is, we have had the air conditioning component looked at multiple times, and multiple heating and cooling workers have told us that it looked perfectly fine, and there were no issues they could see. So we have kind of accepted the occasional issues as a quirk of our air conditioning device. I came home from work yesterday, and my kids ran to meet me at the door. Instead of the welcome that I was expecting, they were instead complaining about the HVAC machine. Sure enough, the home did feel quite warm on the inside. I figured that it was another minor problem that the cooling unit was having again. So I went, turned off the A/C machine, waited 10 minutes and turned it back on. Sure enough, the ice cold air came pouring out from A/C vents, as I heard the familiar click of the A/C turn itself on. Problem solved. It was exactly like I thought, the A/C was doing its weird thing again, and once I restarted it, it was working just like new. Now my kids think I am a hero, and we have the comfortable A/C once more.


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