Some kids came to our door talking about a fundraiser for the local homeless shelter

I was surprised when a group of kids came to our door telling us about a fundraiser they were doing for the local homeless shelter.

They explained that the HVAC equipment at the local shelter was basically dead and could no longer be repaired.

Since these kids had friends living at the homeless shelter, they wanted to be able to help them out. This is why they were inspired to help all those people by raising money for a new HVAC installation. Of course, it’s a commercial HVAC system so it’s fairly costly. They also said they were accepting other donations like blankets, coats, and shoes for the homeless people. I ended up giving the kids $100 and a few blankets that were hardly ever used. I thought it was so nice for those kids to be doing something like that. At that age, I was mainly worried about just playing games until the sun went down, I wasn’t big into community service. Of course back in school we had to do some community service, but these youngsters were doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. If we have more youngsters who are working so hard to help out their fellow people, then I think that there is hope for humanity in the future. I was happy to donate that money, even though I genuinely hope they don’t just take the money and blow it all at the arcade, I hope they turn in the money for those poor people at the homeless shelter. Nobody should go without access to HVAC equipment to keep comfortable, especially through the winter season!


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